In past few week we have working with REST API, and how it works. we have learned lot of thing about REST-API code and how you implement them to create WEB-order. Today I am going to tack about what is REST API is and how do you implement them using Docker Plate-form. So, What isContinue reading “REST-API”


In Past class session we are learning a lot about docker. Not just docker but also how it work with Java & JavaScript. Today I am going to introduce JavaScript and how it work in docker. So let’s start what’s different between Java and Java script. So Java applications are run in a virtual machine orContinue reading “JavaScript”

Facade Design Pattern

This week we practice docker a lot bout docker Activity, but we havent learn all about patterns so I choose to write one more Main Design Pattern call Facade Design Pattern. in my homework 3 I picked Decorated design pattern but I have’t learn more about Facade Design Design Pattern. This is really help fullContinue reading “Facade Design Pattern”


Hey guys welcome to week 4 blog. This week I am going to talk about Docker and why is Important. we learn about this in last few classes and I am writing about this platform because it help me and you getting deep understand about how to operate and use this application in seitan way.Continue reading “Docker”

Design Pattern

I remember when I was taking CS 101 And CS 102 I always write something that does needed in code or write one same code in different classes or making easy code really difficult and I still do. It’s really hard to write perfect code. This is why I chose this design pattern topic toContinue reading “Design Pattern”

UML Diagram

In today’s blog I’m gonna talk about UML diagram. This week in the past we learn how to draw email diagram and how it helps in software developing and designing. We also learned how programmers use this UML diagram to write code in class object and much more. This is directly related to the courseContinue reading “UML Diagram”


Hey class!!! it’s Meet Patel. My major is computer Science with Software Development and this whole pandemic sucks. 😦

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