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In past few week we have working with REST API, and how it works. we have learned lot of thing about REST-API code and how you implement them to create WEB-order. Today I am going to tack about what is REST API is and how do you implement them using Docker Plate-form. So, What isContinue reading “REST-API”


In Past class session we are learning a lot about docker. Not just docker but also how it work with Java & JavaScript. Today I am going to introduce JavaScript and how it work in docker. So let’s start what’s different between Java and Java script. So Java applications are run in a virtual machine orContinue reading “JavaScript”

Facade Design Pattern

This week we practice docker a lot bout docker Activity, but we havent learn all about patterns so I choose to write one more Main Design Pattern call Facade Design Pattern. in my homework 3 I picked Decorated design pattern but I have’t learn more about Facade Design Design Pattern. This is really help fullContinue reading “Facade Design Pattern”

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